>Large cities tend to me dirty places. Given the high concentration of people in a condensed area, it is inevitable that there will be less than pristine conditions in commonly traversed areas such as subway platforms. Since New York is the biggest city in the country, it only makes sense that we are probably one of the messiest.

The common occurance of random acts of grossness is a big reason why I cannot understand why women here wear sandals with very thin soles. When the ground is often covered with things you do not want on your toes or feet, how is a barrier of no more than a few centimeters adequate protection? I'm not just talking about general grime. I'm thinking about the various neon green puddles that I observe regularly, food, dog (or worse, human) crap and piss, and vomit.

Last night as I was returning home, I found myself skirting a small pile of puke on the uptown 1,2, and 3 train platform. Unfortunately, a woman wearing strappy sandals was not as astute as I. Before I could shout, "Watch out!," she dragged her foot onto the beige mess. The barf hung just over the lip of the sandal, taunting her big toe. She didn't seem to notice the danger that lurked just at the tip of her pedicure, but it was enough to make me want to vomit.