>Husband and I are visiting Dr. P in southern Florida this weekend. I almost didn't make it here, though. As I was heading to the subway to go to the airport, I tripped on some unknown object and went flying. Unfortunately, I am not very good at remaining airborn, and quickly landed on the concrete plaza, smashing my knee, scraping my hands, and also getting mud on myself. Blah. Fortunately, the rest of the trip was uneventful, and I made it down in more or less one piece.

As we headed to Hollywood Beach for dinner and an evening stroll on the boardwalk last night, I noticed that we passed by the Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum. Boy, was I excited! I'm not sure I can convince Dr. P and Husband that this is something that we must go to, but I shall try my best. I'm sure that this fine establishment is chock full of fascinating information and wonderful moments in the world of fishing.