>Feminism & GenderAt a (hopefully promising) job interview yesterday, I was unexpectedly presented with a case study. While I initially wanted to shit my pants* because I recently have not reviewed various underwriting procedures, I think I ultimately did fine.

As I told Steph about the interview today, she whistled. "That's brilliant!"

"What is?" I asked.

"Giving you a case to review so that they don't have to do the work themselves."

"Oh, it was an old application that was decided years ago already. I didn't do any of their current work, although that would be genius."

Hence I decided that if I am ever in a position to hire someone, Steph is right: this is a perfect way to unload work on someone else. I'll just bring different "case studies" to interviews, and if the work is done well, not only will I know that I found a good worker, but I'll be freed of whatever burdensome task I set before the applicant. Now, if only that would work at home, too...

*If the interview had been in the morning rather than afternoon, I suspect that I would have unloaded. I woke up after only 4 hours of sleep with horrific gas and crapped repeatedly over the course of the AM hours. Incidentally, I also burned my finger on a frying pan handle (why it was hot, I do not know), slammed my shin to a piece of furniture that resulted in a lovely purple bruise, and discovered that my only pair of pantyhose had a small hole in them. Given the early situation, I'm amazed that I was coherent at all.