>Today (thus far):

4:45 AM: Cell phone alarm plays "Ride of the Valkyries," waking me from a nightmare in which my childhood friend Julie's house is possessed and must be burned down to end the curse. Relieved.

6:45 AM: Can't find gate 20D after Dr. P drops me off at Miami airport. Panic.

6:55 AM: Realize that the "20D" on my boarding pass is my seat number, not gate. Sheepish.

7:00 AM - 2:40 PM: Read excellent book on plane, bus from airport, and at home. Joy.

3:15 PM: Depart for orientation meeting for organizations with student interns, although it is technically my day off from work. While on subway, cry at tragic turn book takes. Depressed.

4:15 PM: Introduce self at meeting, notice large question marks on faces of orientation organizers and ponder why our intern's project description on list of student projects is utterly unfamiliar. Confused.

5:15 PM: Learn that our intern decided not to work with us after all. Unsure (why head of our organization insisted that I attend this meeting).

5:16 PM: Leave meeting. Enraged (at waste of time attending session when I could have been home editing my book).

6:00 PM: Three women glad in bright yellow jackets that end at the midriff, neon green tank tops, and plastic sunglasses with slats across the lenses enter my subway car with bottles of alcoholic beverage and a little dog on a lease wearing a tee shirt. The dog's name is "Gucci," and when the women are not yelling about riding the subway drunk, the are attempting to physically force Gucci to sit. Irritated.

6:20 PM: Get home. Wonder what is in store for me for the remaining six or so hours left in the day. Nervous.