>My visit with my bestest friend Julie is over. She dropped me off at the bus stop, which for only $2.60 whisked me to the airport. Speeding down a highway in a public bus is always a bit unnerving. Speeding down a highway in a public bus while the driver talks on his cell phone is fucking terrifying. At least I only spent $2.60 to risk my life. Yeesh.

Fortunately, the Pittsburgh airport is such a civilized spot of tranquility that they offer free wi-fi! This is especially good as my flight may or may not be delayed. The woman at the check in counter told me that it was delayed, but the fancy electronic signs at the gate claim that it is ON TIME in glowing red letter. Since I believe that the sign is lying, I am glad that I can at least spend some time with my friend Blogger while I wait. Also, it may take the entire length of the delay to publish this post, as the free wi-fi is slower than molasses in January. (One of my favorite lines from Romancing the Stone, which was my favorite movie when I was 10 or so, which is about how old I was when I met Julie. Funny how these things work out.)

It will be nice to get home eventually and wash my hair. Julie and I somehow neglected to shower for the entire length of my visit. The grease accumulation on my hair is fast and furious. Since Julie also looks like she's been living on the street the last few days, we made quite a pair as we walked around campus to return her graduation attire and drop off some library books. I'm sort of surprised that they let me into the airport. Maybe I just slid through security's theoretical hands like a greased pig. Oink, oink.