>This week's entire Entertainment Weekly is completely dedicated to Sex and the City. While many women whom I hold in high regard absolutely adore that show, I could never bring myself to watch it. (First of all, I didn't have HBO when it was on, so even if I wanted to watch it, that was an obstacle.) I do love the idea that the show revolves around four female friends sharing their lives and supporting one another, but the fashion obsessions revolt me.

Spending $750 on a pair of stiletto heels just seems morally wrong. Not only because I can't fathom throwing away that kind of money on a freaking pair of shoes, but also it would just be more practical for me to pay a hit man $750 to break my ankles than to do so by wearing absurdly uncomfortable and dangerous shoes. The bags, hats, scarves, and whatever else was slavishly fawned over by the press and certain fans - just, ugh.

So, as the Sex and the City Movie comes to theaters near you and there is no escape from its press coverage, I present a meme for feisty, spirited women who share our lives and support one another, yet are also slovenly and/or miserly (or is it practical?):

What's the cheapest pair of shoes you own?: Not counting some flip flops that I bought at a Walgreen's in Florida a few years ago after my regular shoes ate holes in the back of my feet, the cheapest pair of shoes I own are children's Keds that are designed to look like saddle shoes. I think they were $25, which is actually sort of expensive.

What's your favorite piece of jewelry, if you own any?: When I was 16, I bought myself a Venus (the female symbol) from the NOW catalog. I wear it every day, except once in a while when I go to a wedding or something and put on some crappy sparkly necklace that I bought at Claire's Boutique.

What's your favorite t-shirt?: At this point, I have three favorites - my red "I [Heart] Pro-Choice NY" t, my lavender "Bush is a Tush" t, and my high school lacrosse team t-shirt.

If you could wear jeans every day, would you? Yes, except for days when it is the high 60s or low 70s and sunny with a very light breeze when I want to wear a knee-length skirt with tights and my awesome John Fluevog knee high boots.

Do you comb your hair every day? Well, if it happens to look nice when you wake up, why mess with a good good thing?

As with any meme, I can't wait to see how you respond.