>Last night, Husband and I had a date! We attended a performance of Passing Strange, a fascinating musical with an excellent cast and excellent book. The show explores which is more real - art or love? My biggest beef with the show was that I am not sure which side it came down on. Husband thought art, but I thought they suggested that you should abandon your dreams for love. Either one is unsatisfying to me.

Anyway, a few days ago, one of my most favoritest bloggers, Suebob (who I also like to count as one of the friends I made online), gave me a touching award, Now I get to tell the world about ten bloggers that I really love. (Fortunately, Suebob already sang the praises of Des and Count Mockula, and I agree with her completely. And I think it is clear that my feelings for Suebob echo hers for me, so this opens the playing field for me to include ten other folks.) Even though I have been shitty at reading blogs lately, and even shittier at leaving comments, I always love these bloggers who post regularly:

1. Alex Elliot has been my friend for over 15 years, and her stories at at Formula Fed & Flexible Parenting always crack my ass up and/or teach me something new. She's a fabulous friend and wonderful parent, and she was even on TV once to talk about the important of not judging new moms for how they feed their babies!

2. Average Jane is anything but. She leads an awesome life in the Midwest with her kitties and hubby and band. When I met her at BlogHer last year, I also thought she had the coolest hair ever. I sort of want to be just like her.

3. Eddie at Chicken Fat is one of my first blog friends. I adore his wit, thoughts on culture and politics, and appreciation for comfort food. Some day, I am going to get down to Marietta and hang out with him.

4. Liz Rizzo rules. She writes about sex and relationships at BlogHer and on a spectrum of topics at her own blog, Everday Goddess. I think she is incredibly brave in the many ways she lives her life on her own terms.

5. Hecticmom - Completely Undone is talented (she makes leotards for her baton champion daughter!), smart (a pioneering tech woman), and adorable (just check out her picture)! I am so hoping that we get to meet one day.

6. Her blog title, I, Asshole, says it all: SJ is just the best.

7. Jessica is another super awesome woman who inspires and awes me. She rocks.

8. Mar of Room for Thought is another one of those women I curse myself for not living closer to. She's insightful, wise beyond her years, and lots of fun. I LOVED it when she stopped over in NYC on her way to London and hung out with me in the rain. Yes, the woman is spirited!

9. I wish that I were like Woman with No Regrets. She's gone through some shit, and she's trucking through and not looking back. She's a smartie for sure.

10. Erika Journey at Plain Jane Mom is another mom who blogs with the goods. Like Suebob, she's a connector, and always finds great things to point her readers to. I can't wait to see her again in July at BlogHer.

Since CUSS is all about spreading the word, I hope that some of you will also write little commendations for your favorite bloggers. Happy end of May!