>A few summers ago, I swore that I was finished with the Chicago Cubs. The team broke my heart too many times, and I was determined to end the cycle of baseball fan abuse once and for all. Despite my pledge, I half-heartedly cheered for them in the playoffs last summer. Since I didn't follow them all season and had no idea who the players were, I was only half-committed to rooting them on, it didn't bother me when they were (predictably) quickly eliminated. Plus, I had emotionally exhausted myself watching the Mets - my new top team - self-destruct before the playoffs even arrived, squandering a season-long lead. The Cubs' defeat was nothing.

This baseball season marks the 100th anniversary of the Cubs' last World Series victory. Although I am convinced that any future Cubs World Series glory marks the coming of the Apocalypse, I think I am going to again pay attention to the team. There's some good potential there. (We all know where this is headed. Hit it, Elivs: the Heartbreak Hotel...) I viewed the end of yesterday's game, in which the Cubs blew a two run lead over Philly, but won it in the 10th. I hadn't the foggiest idea who the hell was on the field other than Derek Lee, who I at first failed to recognize, but it was fun to watch.

However, my commitment to two teams is going to cause my brain to explode. It is hard for me to learn so many names, and as it is, I am overwhelmed with remembering who the new Mets players are. (LoDuca is out; Schneider is in - or is it Church who is catching? No, Church is in the outfield replacing someone, maybe Millege? And where did Pagan come from?) Next step is to learn to connect the names to the faces, which is extremely difficult for me. If I am truly going to get back into the Cubs this year, that means I also have to learn their team from scratch. It's like taking on a full time job.

Fortunately, Husband is patient with my limitations, and no matter how many times I ask who's on first, Husband reminds me of the guy's whole back story. As any true fan knows, baseball sometimes requires sacrifices to be made.