>There is probably nothing that pisses me off more than people comparing non-genocidal situation to the Holocaust. On CNN.com, women from the invaded polygamous fundamentalist cult in Texas made the following sick, dementing, and ignorant juxtaposition:

But the women on the YFZ ranch say they're being treated like Jews during the Holocaust.

"We have been persecuted for our religion," Kathleen said. "We are being treated like the Jews were when they were escorted to the German Nazi camps."

Really? Were you sent to a forced labor camp? Are you being starved? Were your children killed in front of your very eyes as you plead for their lives? Are you and your spouses and children being gassed to death or forced to line up naked by a pit so that you can be shot into a mass grave?

No? Then guess the fuck what? You are not being treated like Jews, gypsies, or homosexuals during the Holocaust. You are not in Darfur. If I had even an ounce of sympathy for you (as it is awful to have children taken away), there is nothing left but severe disgust. Fuck you and your false sense of victimization. And even though I disagree with your demented submissive lifestyle, I truly hope that you never know what it feels like to be a victim of genocide.

I've said it once, and I'll say it as often as I have to: statements like this demean the true meaning of genocide. The Holocaust (or any similar situation) should never, under any circumstances, be invoked unless there are actually people being hunted down and killed for their ethnicity/religion.