>Wow, I really wrote a book! I mean, I knew that I wrote a book and everything, but it's sort of hard for me to picture until the galley is in my grubby hands, which it finally is today.

I've been too busy jumping around and running from room to room squealing, "I've got a book! I've got a book! Motherfucker, I really wrote a book!" to have sat down with it and looked at it closely. However, my preliminary pokes at various pages indicate that it looks cool. And, no matter what I write, I will always cringe when I look at it later and think about a better way I could have said something. Still, super awesome.

Now I just have to figure out how to get the comments on the galley back to the publisher. I suppose this should be obvious, but I've never worked with a proof before. Do I notate my corrections (like forgetting to thank my brother-in-law for helping me get the photos ready to include?) in the margins on the page itself, or do I attach a post it note thingy? Am I supposed to use official proofreader markings, ('cause if so, I better fucking learn them pronto)?

The galley came with no coverletter or any other explanation of the process, so I'll ring the editor tomorrow. For now, I'm going to continue skipping to and from the dining room to the living room, and vice verse. Whooooooeeee! I wrote a book!