>"Twenty bucks says that I find rejection letter from New School in the mail when I get home," I grumbled to myself this morning after being frozen out of my email, voicemail, and the shared drive on the network at work this morning.

"You're on!" I answered back.

Really, I think I was agreeing with myself that such an event would be a fitting end to a shitty beginning. Probably that doesn't make it a bet, then. If it is legit, then I owe myself $20. The only item in the mailbox was a letter from a friend that also contained tickets to Mets games this summer.

Ooooh, baseball! Despite the Met's auspicious start (already a key pitcher is injured!), and my cluelessness regarding how the Cubs began their 100th season since their last World Series championship, I am psyched. Play ball! Twenty bucks says the season ends with both my home teams tanking...