>Lately I've been extremely distressed by statements made from people who I respect and love. I partially blame this on the vile campaigns run by the Democrats these days (and in particular, quite frankly, the Clinton camp) as they use cut-and-burn methods to secure the party's nomination. Whichever candidate you currently support, hear this: if that candidate does not become the Democrat on the ballot in November, thus prompting you to vote for McCain (or as bad, not vote at all), I will doubt your sanity and/or commitment to fairness, equality, and justice.

Personally, I loathe Hillary Clinton. Ever since she ignored my advice to return to our mutual past home state of Illinois and run for Senate there to fill a Republican seat instead of heading to our mutual current home state to run for Senate, she has made decisions that lead me to question what her values really are. (OK, to be accurate, the first question marks were raised in my mind when she backed Pres. Clinton's stupid welfare reform bill.) Increasingly, I suspect that she would trade away almost anything in order to gain power.

Yet. If she is the Democratic nominee in November, I will vote for her. She is intelligent and thoughtful, and while I don't entirely trust her, I certainly believe that she is a better candidate for the country than John McCain. McCain does not support reproductive rights; he wants to cut taxes for the rich (again - although we've seen what a fucking failure that is in terms of our budget and economy); he'll stay in Iraq until pigs fly (and Muslims and Jews eat flying pig pork) rather than find alternate solutions; and he thinks it is perfectly OK to pay women less than men as long as we get more education and training. Even if you are somehow brainwashed into thinking that McCain is better for Israel than either Democrat (let's be real - Bush has done Israel no favors and probably made the situation worse for average Israelis, and no politician is going to abandon the only democracy in the middle east), you have to admit that neither of them support unequal pay for equal work.

Forget your delusions. If you vote for McCain (or don't vote at all), you are voting against your interests. Bah.