>I've been killing time by frequenting a few MFA message board while the two MFA programs I applied to string me along. After reading some of the comments of people who have already been admitted to programs, it makes me wonder if I might not be better off if I don't get in anywhere. Such a large concentration of Cunty McCuntersons and blithering idiots would be hard to find in other places. Not that everyone is an irritating fuck, but I'm shocked by how many are. If I do get in somewhere, I hope I am not forced to slash any throats to save my sanity.

Seriously, though, back in late February, when people heard from both programs I applied to and I did not, I hoped that my silent bad news would just become real bad news so I could move on. Opening my mailbox and finding my rejection letter would've been a relief. Now that this has dragged on, I feel like a rejection would suck that much more since I've been waiting so long at this point. I dread the (inevitable?) rejection, and prefer the limbo status.

If time heals all wounds, it also allows anxiety to fester.