>Although Husband and I are fortunate to have a very nice life thanks to Husband's chosen profession (which he adores), it's the little things that remind me that I will never truly "make it." While I was eating my microwave breakfast burrito, I noticed a blurb on the front of yesterday's New York Times Dining Out section. It read, "The selling of reservations irks restaurants."

For a second, I stared blankly. What the hell did that mean? Then I realized that it meant that people who scored reservations at choice, top rated restaurants actually find others willing to pay good money to buy their reservation and go eat an expensive, albeit probably excellent, meal.

Shit. I barely ever go to places that require reservations, and only call in advance if I am going out with a large group of family and/or friends. I've never wanted to go somewhere that requires me to call, months in advance, a phone number that will be busy all day. I like good food fine enough, but hand me a plate of mac and cheese, and I'm just as happy. People are weird.