>Can Hillary Clinton carry Ohio and/or Texas in today's primary, and live to fight another month? I voted for Obama in the NYS primary, and honestly it will make me sad if Clinton loses today, but I am already sick of this election. The longer this drags on, the more fear overtakes me. I can't deal with another Republican administration. Whatever happens today, I hope that Democrats don't splinter and vote for McCain, which is an insane/scary "my-candidate-didn't-win-so-take-that" conclusion, but something I've heard too many say they would do.

How will my job interview go? I think it will be fine. I'm excited about it. Although I think I'd like this job and would be sad to not get it, I'm oddly more concerned with the primary.

Is it possible for me to take a decent picture of the Lourdes of America shrine at St. Lucy's Church in the Bronx for my book? Given my extremely limited photographic skills, this is the least likely of my questions to have a positive outcome. I'd have a friend photograph the place, but I'll be sort of in the neighborhood anyway for the job interview, so I'll give it a whirl myself. If it doesn't come out well, I can always go back with someone who is actually talented.

Fortunately, I'll have answers to at least some of these thorny questions by the end of the day. Stay tuned for more excitement. [Cliffhanger music playing...]