>When I agreed to teach a budgeting class at the local university grad center, I was informed that the maximum number of students they would allow to enroll was 15. As an adjunct lecturer, I would be paid for 15 hours of work. Although my scheduled time in the classroom was 14 hours, I felt OK about the one hour of pay for grading because there were only 15 students whose work I'd have to look at. Plus, I was paid separately to develop the curriculum, so although I put much more work into it as thing went along, it seemed fair enough.

Then the program allowed 30 students to enroll. Because it is a set contract amount for adjuncts, no additional pay was accorded for the 100% increase in students. However, this means that I also have a fuckload more budgets to look at and grade. It also means that my eyeballs may fall out from staring at so many numbers. If this is the case, I think I will try to get workers comp. (I don't know why that thought is causing me to laugh maniacally, but it is.)

Husband is leaving for a business trip to Europe (Paris, Rome, Milan, and London) on Sunday. On the 15th, I am going away with my sister and her husband to celebrate my sister's first spring break as a teacher. Husband could not join us due to work, so that sucks, but I am still looking forward to a fun 5 days with my sister. When I visited my parents in Chicago in December, Dana was not able to make it over there from Iowa due to weather conditions, so I have not seen my chicita since October. My hope is that I can finish all these stupid budgets before then, and retain my eyesight at the same time. I guess while Husband is gone, I can do a budget grading marathon. Oh fun times.