>As always, time flies when I am having fun. I'm heading back to NYC tomorrow (Monday), and while I am very sad because I won't get to see Count Mockula again until the summer (the BlogHer conference is in San Francisco this year in July), I am happy that I had the chance to come out now and celebrate the impending arrival of her baby with her and her friends and family. Her friend Monkeygirl threw an amazing shower, and I loved hanging out with her all weekend. Mr. Count Mockula and Count Mockula Mom are awesome, too. (Actually, watching the Count Mockula Mom and Daughter interactions made me really miss my mom.) The whole weekend was wonderful!

While I hate to go back - and not only because I just discovered that the temperature in NYC is only 15 right now - it's time. Not only do I have to go back to my consulting jobs, but I ran out of clothes to wear already. Somehow I managed to pack three days of undies and socks and my pjs, Theo, and meds, but only brought one extra shirt. I suppose it is better that I packed the right amount of clean underwear, but there's really only so long I want to alternate between the shirt I wore on the plane on Friday and the shirt I wore to the shower on Saturday.

When I get back (or if I have a lot of time at the airport), I'll post my pictures from the trip. We drove around the Delta area on Sunday, and saw this amazing town that is frozen in time due to ridiculous legal issues over the land. I so wish that Count Mockula and I did not live so far away.