My trip to Sacramento included a historic meeting between Count Mockula's Lankee friends and my loyal bear companion Theo. The Lankees are super stylish (man, their wardrobe is impressive!) and surly little dudes who hilariously blog at Lankeeland Wire and live with Count Mockula and Mr. Count Mockula. Zigmund is seated in the front, Mo is next to Theo, and Ignatius is on the couch on the left. (Theo once sort of had a blog, too, but I suck and have neglected his desire to become America's Next Top Model for over a year now.)

Although Mo initially threatened to kick Theo's ass (Lankees are nothing if not violent), he backed down when informed that Theo was at least twice his size. Theo is a peaceful bear, but he will rip heads off when necessary. Fortunately, the guys were able to enjoy watching soccer and had a good time together.

*Wouldn't that be an awesome band name?