>Man, it is hard to not be working today. Nothing is going on.

The mail came and went. Husband received a magazine from his alma mater and one of those evil checks that credit cards insist on sending even though we don't want them, and it is easy to have them stolen out of the mail and cashed by frauds. (Does anyone go a day without receiving a credit card offer of some sort? The only days we don't receive something from those companies that would like me to live above my means are ones in which there is no mail delivery.)

The phone is silent. No one calling to get me to give to Al Franken's senate campaign, no credit card offers, and no job or school news. (Incidentally, a friend of mine was admitted to the nonfiction program at the New School yesterday. She's pretty damn talented and super nice, so I am really happy for her.) I even tried calling friends, but everyone is busy working or taking care of sick partners. (What is with this vile strain of flu that is striking good people around the nation?)

Even the email is slow today. Doesn't anyone want to send me a cute picture of his/her kids or pets? Share some gossip? Anything?

Do I have to dress like Bjork just to get some reactions! I thought her stork dress was cool...