>My obsession with viscous dairy products continues. My friend informed me that she tried a sheep milk yogurt this weekend, and as a result, she understood why people like yogurt. I already did my grocery shopping for the week, but next time I am at the store I will indulge in the miracle product she described.

At the store, I gave in to my desire for pudding. However, I accidentally threw tapioca pudding into my basket instead of rice pudding. I like tapioca, and as I ate a little container of it last night, I realized that it had been eons since I last consumed some. I can't remember if all tapioca is essentially vanilla pudding with some tapioca pearls thrown in it, or if the kind I bought is not true tapioca. I vaguely remember the tapioca pudding that my mom bought at the chef's kitchen counter at Jewel or Dominick's as being more tapioca intensive.

On a non-dairy train of thought, lately I've been receiving comments on a post I wrote about the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and their insulting ad campaign comparing fur to female pubic hair (i.e. - its revolting and morally wrong to wear). The ad ran in London, where my friend Mara lives, and when she sent me a picture of it, she noted, "We love the fact that PETA thought to illustrate the fact that the only thing worse than killing poor little animals to appease the fashion gods is having an unshaved snatch. I guess that makes all of your disciples no better than those people who club little baby seals to death, or eat tuna that is not dolphin friendly. . . . ." The two comments I recently received more or less told me that I am an idiot to find the ad offensive because one needs to do shocking things to save the lives of innocent animals, no matter what the human social cost is. I am not a supporter of fur,* but ads and comments like that make me not take the anti-fur cause seriously. It is never OK to use one animal to promote another one. Sorry, Charlie, but the proof is in the pudding that PETA sucks.

*Coincidentally, I did have an eye rolling conversation last night on the phone with my bubbe in which she discussed how cold it was in Chicago and how she could still go out despite the frigid air because of her mink coat. Then she said that her mink coat was usually too warm to wear and so she bought another warm coat on sale for $73 (from $200) so now she could attend her alderman's party for senior citizens no matter how cold it was. Man, you gotta love the lack of logic there.