>Was there ever a better invention than nonstick cookware? I think not. I swore that the frying pan I got as a wedding gift was nonstick. Still, even after I sprayed it up with Pam, things tended to stick, especially in the last year or so. (To be fair, the pan came into my life in the summer of 2000, so even if it was nonstick at one point, it probably wore off.)

While at Ikea recently, I invested $6 in two new frying pans. I had no real expectations that these new pans would revolutionize my egg cooking experience, but damn! When the Teflon works, making scrambled egg substitute (97% real egg, plus lots of yellow food dye) is an entirely different ballgame. I can't wait to buy some 100% real eggs and fry them up.

This has changed my whole outlook on cooking. OK, that's a lie, but it does make cleaning up after I cook eggs much easier. I'm sure that all you cooks are laughing your asses off, but this is huge to me. Huge! (And probably explains why, although Meloukhia left me excellent advice and instructions on how to make my own Greek yogurt, I am likely to continue throwing away money at the grocery store, although I very much appreciate her attempt to help me.)

Speaking of exciting news, today is my sister's 28th birthday. Happy Birthday, Chooch! It must be nice having a three day weekend over which to celebrate. I wish I could be there, except for the snow and cold....