>Recently Husband asked me to be a bit more active in maintaining our apartment when I am not working. Initially, I resented this request because I hate feeling like an unemployed loser and I detest housework, but it is really only fair. If he's out earning 97% of our income*, I should contribute in other ways.

A few days ago, I vacuumed. Today, instead of spending my entire morning reading MFA blogs and unnecessarily stressing myself out about whether or not I will get into an MFA program, I decided to be productive. We bought some fabric for a new curtain for our kitchen window at Ikea a few weeks ago, and I thought I should work on getting it up.

This was a bad idea for several reasons. First, when I woke up, I discovered that I slept on my neck funny, and it has been hurting all day. Standing on a step ladder and holding up a ginormous ream of fabric to try and measure out what I need for the window only made it worse. Second, I had to meet someone for lunch to discuss a potential consulting project, so starting a big production an hour before I had to leave was asking for disaster. Fortunately, my lunch date moved our appointment back by 30 minutes, I didn't rush out with pins all over the kitchen.

Anyway, here's how it stands:

Normally there's more light in our kitchen in the afternoon, but it's a snowy-rainy day, so it's pretty dark outside in general. (In case you worried that I live in some sort of dungeon...) I'm pretty pleased with my initial work given that I can't cut or sew straight. OK, so it's not exactly sewn yet, just pinned up. (I don't have a machine, so I'll hand sew it up eventually.) Still, I'm proud of my new red and white hippopotamus curtains. I can't wait until Husband sees them.

*Although he will always out earn me, and he never, ever lords that over me. When I do work consistently, he does not ask me to do extra housework, and on top of that, he does the vast majority of our laundry, anyway. Of course, 97% of the laundry is his, but that's another story.