>Husband took this picture of me on Saturday afternoon while we hung out in Pennsylvania with Steph.
For those of you who know that Husband planned to be in Arizona this weekend for the Super Bowl, you may wonder what the fuck he is doing taking pictures of me in the back seat of Steph's car as we whiz down the highway towards Ikea. Here's the whole story. Since I am not capable of making a long story short, bear with me. I'll start at the beginning....

At the end of the regular football season, Husband won a small bundle of funds from a football pool. This small amount had already been spent in about 40 ways when the Giants came out of nowhere to clinch a spot in the Super Bowl. Husband took these two miracles as a sign that he was meant to see the Giants in the Super Bowl, and he made arrangement to go to Phoenix with his buddy Stupid McFuck (who earned this affectionate nickname from me because he is a Republican although their fiscal policies have screwed his family). Since Stupid McFuck is supporting his parents because the Republicans do not believe in unemployment or disability payments, he did not have the money to go, but Husband wanted to share his good fortune, so he paid for all the tickets.

All the tickets, however, did not include tickets to the actual game. The plan was to book a flight to Arizona and a hotel room. By the time Husband did this, there were no flights to Phoenix that we reasonably priced, so he bought two to Tucson, which is about two hours away. This worked out well because the only hotel rooms available in Phoenix were $650 per night, with a three night minimum, at the Motel 6. I am not exaggerating. That was the cheapest he found, and it was the Motel 6. Fortunately, there were many hotel rooms in Tucson, so Husband used his hotel points to secure free lodging at a Sheraton.

Once the travel and hotel were secured, Husband set about scoring tickets. He bought a parking pass for $100 (double the face value) on eBay. He was willing to spend up to $1,500 per ticket to go to the game. Entry tickets, however, remained way out of reach, with asking prices well over $2,000 on StubHub and other online outlets. Colleagues who also have undergone such insane endeavors to watch their team in persona the Super Bowl had told him, though, not to fret. In their experience, the odds were very good that he could get two tickets in his price range when he got there, as people would be desperate to unload what they had left at the last minute. (And they'd still make a handsome profit.)

Friday came. Husband woke up and discovered that his flight to Dallas (where he would connect to Tucson) was canceled. He called the special Executive Platinum members number and the airline booked him on a flight to Chicago, where he would connect to Tucson. A few hours later, he left for the airport.

All hell broke loose at LaGuardia. As there were over 6 inches of snow in Chicago, every flight out there was delayed - except the one he and Stupid McFuck were on. That flight was set to leave on time. Unfortunately, as the plane unloaded passengers from the previous flight, it caught on fire. Needless to say, it was canceled.

Husband booked it to the Admiral's Club. The nice people there put them on stand by for the next flight out. As they headed over to the gate for that flight, they heard their names called. The tickets went through, and they even had two first class seats! They high-fived (or at least in my mind, I picture them doing so). Super Bowl, here they come!

Cutting to the end, when they went to board, the gate agent informed them that their tickets were revoked so that some crew could get to Chicago. Dejected, the guys gave up and went home. (Good thing he didn't pay thousands of dollars for tickets on StubHub!) As a result, Husband joined me on my day of fun with Steph on Sat. and took this picture.

Today we shall watch the Super Bowl at our friends' apartment. Go Giants!