>Last night, Husband and I binged on Scrabble. After a game with Brother-in-Law ended with my victory at 11:30 pm, he wisely called it a night. Following his departure, Husband challenged me to a one-on-one game, in which he throughly trounced me by a margin of 102 points. I called for a tie-breaker, which I won by a mere six points. It was 2:26 AM when we finished.

Our overindulgence in Scrabble came only one night after we had a barbecue spree. I swear I woke up on Sunday with a pork headache. However, it was worth it. The pulled pork, ribs, yams, and cheesy corn that I stuffed myself with were about the best you can get this side of the Mason-Dixon line. (Although nothing will ever better Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ in Memphis, TN. My meal there this past summer was one of the best three meals I ever ate.) Probably I should not have topped off with chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered cranberries while watching a version of Say Anything on TVLand that was so poorly cut, it was actually hard to understand what was going on.

As is always the case with a weekend spree, today is reckoning day. We are tidying up the apartment, Husband is going to help me apply for some jobs, and we'll hit the gym. I can't handle any more excitement, although I did eat left over sweet potatoes for breakfast with a side of Valentine's chocolate that I bought at the drug store yesterday for 50% off.