>In a few minutes, I'm leaving to vote, go to the post office, and workout at the gym. I believe that these are the three fundamental tenets of citizenship, no? OK, maybe not the gym, but certainly voting and using our fine national mail service.

I'm particularly thinking about what being a good citizen means because of a conversation going on over at BlogHer about being "pro-life". (And, incidentally, there is also an excellent post about being "pro-choice.") I left a comment on the "pro-life" post about entrusting individuals to make decisions based on their own beliefs and circumstances, and was shocked when my comment was compared to Nazi Germany and the American South during slavery. When I protested (not as articulately as I should have), several more comments comparing the Holocaust to legal abortion appeared.

Pretty much nothing enrages me more than the grotesquely inaccurate comparison of legal abortion (in which individuals decide for themselves whether or not to terminate a pregnancy) and genocide (in which government round people up and kill them). People have the right to believe that abortion is murder. I can understand why someone would think that, and while I do not agree with that belief, I can respect it. However, unless a government is building special pregnancy termination centers, removing women from their homes, and forcing abortions on them, it is not even remotely close to a holocaust. To compare an individual choice to a state-sponsored killing machine severely undermines the true evil of genocide around the world. If someone cannot understand this extremely fundamental difference... seriously, I am actually at a loss for words.

Anyway, I am not a Nazi (although yesterday I drafted a very sarcastic and angry post in response to this outrageous slander, which I may have the good sense to never allow to see the light of publication), and I am going to vote today. I'm proud to participate in a democracy, and I am even prouder to stand up for self-determination in the face of ideological bullying.