>I've been awake for 20 hours, so please excuse any delirium that is above and beyond my usual ramblings. Happily, my flight to San Francisco was smooth and on time. After a long BART (subway) ride from one end of the system to the other, I was delighted to discover that Amtrak runs double decker trains in northern California. The ride to Sacramento was delayed (as I was warned it would be), but very lovely. Mountains, water, and all sorts of interesting things lay outside the high windows of the top deck as we sat around on the tracks.

Count Mockula looks utterly adorable as she waddles around. I finally met her friend Monkeygirl (who used to have a blog), and she is super fun. We had delicious Lebanese food for dinner. Desert was the best baklava I ever had. As usual, I ate too much.

Looking forward to the shower and possibly getting to meet Hectic Mom Undone while I am out here. Weekends rock.