>On February 23, 1995, Husband and I went on our first date. A few days prior, I asked him if he would join me for a movie. We decided on Pulp Fiction at the East Village Cinemas. (Very romantic, no?) I was not sure if Husband knew that I intended this to be a date, but when we arrived at the theater, he immediately paid for both tickets. Still, I thought maybe he was just being generous to a friend.

After the film, I invited him to a cafe - my treat this time. We headed over to Cafe Borga, in the West Village, for the worst hot chocolate either of us have ever, to this day 13 years later, consumed. The mint hot chocolates we ordered must have been made with Swiss Miss and Halls. That stuff was mentholated. Incidentally, the cafe went out of business some time in the last 13 years.

After our nasty snack, Husband walked me back to my dorm. Although a chilly drizzle began to fall, we stood on the corner talking for another hour or more. Cabs kept stopping and waiting for us to get in, then driving off in a huff, not that we flagged one down. I guess they assumed that no one would be dumb enough to stand outside in the cold rain. Finally, around 4 am, Husband gave me a hug, and we went our separate ways for the weekend.

Last night, Husband and I sort of re-created our first date. We went to see a violent but acclaimed film (No Country for Old Men) at a small independent theater (Lincoln Cinemas) near where we live. Afterward, we went to Cafe La Fortuna, a fabulous little cafe that John Lennon and Yoko Ono frequented back in the day, and shared a plate of fancy cookies while drinking steamed skim milk with Orzata (almond syrup). We've loved Cafe la Fortuna since we moved to the Upper West Side in 1997. (Very, very sadly, after 31 years in business, Cafe la Fortuna is closing. It was founded by a couple in 1976, after the wife died a month ago, the husband decided it was too painful to continue without her.) Finally, around 11:30 pm, Husband and I gave Cafe la Fortuna a psychic hug, and the two of us went home together for the weekend and hopefully the rest of our lives.