>Did anyone bother watching Bush's State of the Union address last night? I can barely bring myself to think about it. The rancid stench emanating from anything that fool says just turns my stomach.

Speaking of rot and turning stomachs, there are few things that I hate more than wasting food. The fact that fresh veggies go bad so quickly is one of my primary reasons to avoid buying them, or so I tell myself. On Wednesday I bought some chopped bell peppers and forgot to eat most of them until today. They were slightly slimy, but I couldn't bear the thought of throwing them out and wasting $2.49, so I dipped a few in hummus and nibbled away. Husband hates when I do things like this, noting that we can afford higher quality food, but I'm pretty sure they were just on the verge of going bad, so why not eat?

While I slurped down the peppers, I justified my actions by noting that at least I don't serve bad food to guests. The chance of a run-in with something long beyond its expiration date is a real risk when dining with my aunt. When you ask her for some ice to put over the spot where the mold on your bread just punched you in the face, she becomes indignant. "It's fine!" she'll hiss at you. "See? The swelling is going down already."

Sometimes I wonder if I am really my aunt's kid, and she gave me to my parents to raise. My aunt insists that my 20 year old cousin is just like me. This means that I feel sorta bad for the poor kid, as I am quite a spazz, but she's a good writer and a passionate advocate. I hope that I'm like her (or vice versa).