>OK, I admit that I spent a good portion of the morning/early afternoon fucking around and hanging out with Steph, who stayed with me this weekend. Seeing Steph always makes me happy. Here's hoping that she moves back to the City so I can see her more often, although I am not going to be greedy - as long as she doesn't go back to North Carolina, I'm pleased as punch because I get to see her at least once a month instead of once every six months.

However, once Steph jumped onto her bus back to the boonies, I settled down to finish some handouts for a workshop that I am conducting on Wednesday. My initial plan was to complete them last week, but I 86'd that when I got another gig. Of course, it was more complicated than I thought it would be and I was still sweating out how to make the numbers work (that's the beauty of budgeting - since it is as much an art as a science, you can play with shit a little bit and still not be cheating) when 7 pm rolled and Husband returned from work.

Yeah, Husband had to be at work all day. When his boss started up their firm last year, he decided that they should be open on all bank holidays. Husband almost convinced him to close on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day since, "after all, Reagan is the president who signed the holiday into federal law," but it wasn't good enough. I admired Husband's attempt, though.