>I know that I am tired and should be in bed, not fucking around googling myself and my book Off the Beaten (Subway) Track to see if anything new and exciting is out there, but I am fairly certain that when I found the book on Amazon.com in Germany, Canada, the UK, and France, it credits both sort of me, Susanne Reisman, and me, Suzanne Reisman, as the authors. However, I actually prefer that the book be credited to me and sort of me rather than just sort of me, as Amazon.com in the US and Japan do.

One day, I hope Susanne Reisman will go away. I don't like sharing credit with sort of me for all the hard work I did. (Do you ever feel like you've gone insane but clearly it's not you? This is like that.) In other news, there's actually an editor working on the book now, so perhaps this will be corrected. Plus, now that Husband won his football pool, anyone who comes to the book party (which for now I am planning to host on the first Saturday in August - mark your calendars) will be treated to onion rings!* How awesome is that?

*Assuming that I can book the place that I have in mind, which is a site in the book.