>I saw this on Craig's List buried amongst the sales jobs and requests for "Women who look good in latex:"

Beautiful Manhattan townhouse needs housekeeper to live-in (5 days) from Wednesday to Monday.Must speak fluent English,be very well groomed,have a pleasing personality and charm .Share room with female part-time assistant. We have no children but have guests very often from US and other countries so you must be professional in every way.Your housekeeping skills must be outstanding,including organizing.Your duties will vary so you must be flexible with a gracious attiude.If you have recent,checkable references and you are non-smoker call(from 9AM-4PM only)

I'm not rejecting this opportunity because it is for a housekeeper; there is absolutely nothing wrong with making a living as a housekeeper. Nor is my problem stemming from the fact that the housekeeper is required to live there and share a room with a stranger, although I do find that almost as offensive as insisting that the hired help be "well groomed, have a pleasing personality and charm." That's a lot to ask from someone who you are compensating a measley 500 bucks a week. The big issue is that I highly doubt that I would be able to use my fluent English skills to be civil with the assholes who live in the beautiful townhouse. No, this would never work for me.