>Surprise, surprise! The upgrades on my laptop are still not complete, and poor Husband doesn't understand what went wrong. It seems that the laptop is actually slower as a result of his "fixes." I feel bad for him, though. He tries so hard, and he looked so defeated last night.

Since this means I can't access my 8th grade portraits, I'll put up a picture of my new haircut:

Wait. That's not me. That's Ursa, the villain from Superman II. My bad. Our hair styles are so similar that it's easy to see why I was confused. See for yourself:

I mean, really, had she also posed in front of the shower curtain in my bathroom and I wore freaky shirts with the sleeves slit open and put my little sideburn-thingy flat against my face like the stylist told me too, we'd be practically indistinguishable from one another!

All joking aside, I like this new cut. It's kinda sleek, no?