>From now on, I will refer to all non-governmental health "insurance" providers as health unsurance. This is because we can never be sure what our premium will be from one year to the next (one of the contributing editors at BlogHer just told me that her "provider" raised her premium by a whopping 82% this year...), and then once we pay into the "system" (aka - the wallets of the CEOs and other executive staff of the unsurance companies), we are not sure if they will actually pay for services that we need.

I'm even pretty lucky that my unsurance generally covers what I need. Husband's employer pays the entire premium, too, which is an amazing benefit.* Still, it is obvious that even under the best of circumstances, our current health system is fucked up. From referrals to outright denials, the corporate fat cats make some serious bucks off of a population held hostage to their whims. I don't know what the answer is, but universal unsurance is certainly a proven failure.

*Although a big problem in the past. Because they are so generous, they will not cover a spouse whose employer also offers unsurance. As a result, a few years ago I had extremely subpar unsurance that forced me to get my first mammogram at a place that had lost its certification for a while. Later, my employer offered a better plan, but my share of the premium was $160 per month. I felt that Husband's employer discriminated against people with working spouses by not even allowing people to opt to pay into the system, which may or may not have saved us money, but it certainly would have been fair. But I digress...