>As I've mentioned before, my mom battled and thankfully survived breast cancer approximately 30 years ago. In recent years, she tested negative for the breast cancer gene, but my sister and I are still considered at higher risk to develop breast cancer because my mom had it. Of course, that does not mean we will inevitably get it, but it does mean we need to be more cautious.

Thus I had my first mammogram was performed about seven years ago. I also see a breast surgeon for an exam every six months. The funny thing about mammograms, though, is the more you have over the course of your life, the more exposed to radiation you are in an area that should be protected from radiation. So while mammograms can save lives, they can also increase your risk of your tits being chopped off because you had so many mammograms. Damn, life is complicated.

Anyway, two mammograms ago, the radiologist suggested that I stop doing mammograms and have a breast MRI instead. The breast surgeon thought that wouldn't be helpful yet. My friend Dr. P (who is a colo-rectal surgeon - yeah, she cuts up assholes - ha ha ha) explained that MRIs are so sensitive that everything looks like it could be a lump and so many people wind up with unnecessary biopsies as a result. This year when I visited the breast surgeon, he prescribed an MRI for me.

Long story short, it was supposed to be on Tuesday morning, but the insurance company was "waiting for more information from the doctor," so I rescheduled it for tomorrow. Yesterday the radiology center called to tell me that the insurance company rejected the request. I can appeal the decision, and last night my mom offered to submit her pathology report on my behalf if it will help. Somehow I suspect the insurance company won't find it compelling. I guess I'll see what happens. They may think it is cheaper for me to get later stage cancer (as I may not be their problem at that point) than to pay for the fucking MRI.

And that my friends, is preventative health care in America.