>Many moons ago, I noticed that CUSS got many hits from people searching the internet for jewish pussy. Ever the curious little monkey, I posted a request for information asking those individuals who came upon CUSS as part of their quest to explain what exactly they believed they would find in their search. I expected no answers, but horny anonymous folks continue to take the time to leave responses to my question. Here's the latest comment:

I can't say why a bunch of folks were directed to this site before you put up this entry, but anywho... For me, it's just something about the look of a Jewish woman. It's not that they all look the same, since they don't... hmm... maybe it attitude?

Also, where Jewish brunettes are concerned, the ones that I know in real life have had hair that's really dark, almost bordering on black, which I find really attractive.

"jewish porn" didn't bring up any good search results, so I figured I'd try "jewish pussy". "brunette pussy" is just too wide an array, "black pussy" doesn't work for obvious reasons, and "black haired pussy" only works moderately well, so I figured "What the hell? It's worth a shot."

It's fascinating how the mind works, isn't it?