>The work week almost passed without me cursing at work. Sadly, I blew it. After my colleague and I were treated rudely during a conference call in which we requested some basic information, I accidentally said something bad.

"I don't know why she had to be so nasty," Colleague sighed as he hung up the phone.

"It's because everyone who works there is a fucking asshole," I replied without thinking. It just came out. I cringed. "Oh, sorry about that. I probably should watch what I say."

"Well, it's true," he nodded. (And he's right - this particular organization has a reputation for being conceited and obnoxious.)

"Damn, I almost made it through the whole week without cursing at work," I laughed.

"I'm probably just rubbing off on you," Colleague apologized, which was pretty much the funniest thing anyone has said to me this week.

Later, I called someone a shithead. It felt good to be myself.