>The debate over who I would vote for in the primary raged within me for months. John Edwards represented the liberal policies that I cherish, but Barak Obama seemed like a person who had some good ideas coupled with a lot of inspiration. If Edwards won, I'd have to listen to that drawl all the time. (Sorry, I know that is a horrid thing to feel, but I can't help it.) If Obama won, I feared he would not stand up to the evil partisanship that has been going on for the last few years. (Witness: Democrats in Congress not telling Bush to fuck off on Iraq or the stupid rebates that are not going to help the economy at all, then beaming about achieving things through "bipartisan" action.) What should I do on Tuesday in the voting booth?

When John Edwards dropped out of the race yesterday, it made me sad. I was also relieved that I now have a candidate I can fully support. Go Obama! I'm counting on you to really represent the people, not make ridiculous compromises on policy, and bring respect and hope back to the United States. Don't let me down.

Husband is convinced that Obama will pick a female Democratic governor as his running mate. That would be extremely cool, and I think could galvanize a lot of people. What do you think about the idea?*

*Especially Average Jane, who I think lives in a state with a female Democrat governor, and Des, who just moved to a state with a female Dem gov, SJ, and anyone reading CUSS who lives in Arizona, I'm curious what your experience with these leaders has been.