>Picture it: Election night, November 2006. A young girl is cautiously optimistic that the Democratic takeover of Congress will return balance to the country. No longer will the evil Bush administration be able to pass their vile policies like tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans without a fight. She knows that it will take a long time to undo the severe damage the last six years had inflicted upon the country, but finally there is a tiny light at the end of the tunnel.

Or not. Yesterday Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (another one who inspired me) and her cadre of Democratic automatons sold out the vast majority of Americans by agreeing to the White House's useless economic "stimulus" package. Out the window: extending unemployment benefits; food stamps; public works spending; and aid to local governments which are already cutting their budgets (i.e. - sorry schools, there's no money for you). You know - things that would stimulate the economy by putting resources in the hands of those who would spend it immediately on basic needs. In: checks for families who earn up $150,000 and probably won't use the money to buy shit (i.e. - stimulate the economy) and they won't be available for several months so they don't help the current situation at all; and permanent tax breaks for the wealthiest; tax breaks for businesses, but not payroll tax breaks, so these won't encourage businesses to hire people, even at crap minimum wage.

It's hard not to be depressed. Didn't voters send the Democrats into office with a message that we are not happy with how things are going? Sure, people claim to want bipartisanship, but for fuck's sake, do the Democrats ever fucking stand up for anything? What's the point of electing you shitheads if you are going to wander around like dazed zombies, letting the Bush administration push you around and bully you into harmful legislation over and over again? Stop caving, you assholes. Sure, you'll probably wind up being spied on if you don't do what the Bushies want, but so are the rest of us and we still stand up for fairness, equality, and the ideals of justice. Get a goddamn backbone and do your job, which is representing Americans, not special interests.