>I haven't been fired up to write about unshaved snatch for a while, so thanks to Lee at Independent Business Woman for her tip* that led me to this gem at Chaos Theory:

Now an Australian website, girl.com.au has a big feature about Brazilian waxes - and in case you don’t know what that is, it’s when hot wax is used to rip off every inch of hair from a woman’s private region. Every hair. And the site is read by girls in the age nine to 14 range. On top of that, the site promotes the Brazilian with this phrase: “Nobody really likes hair in their private regions and it has a childlike appeal.”


Obviously, I am as disgusted as Sherry is about this fucked up situation. Even putting the disturbing notion that hairless snatch offers "childlike appeal" aside, the idea that "nobody really likes hair in their private regions" is enough to drive me batshit. Why does no one like it? Oh, maybe because we are told that it is smelly, dirty, slovenly, disgusting, unwomanly, revolting, and offensive? And where's the proof that "Nobody" likes it? Oh, I guess I'm "Nobody" since I prefer pubic hair to having hot wax poured into the crevices of my labia and ass so some non-gynecologist can stick scraps of paper down there to yank every hair out by the root so I can have "childlike appeal" or at best, be less "un-feminine" to men raised on photoshopped pictures of hairless adult women.

I'm not buying into your sick lies. Clearly, since I prefer myself in my natural adult state, I must not be a woman. In that case, all the media whore and "beauty experts" and stylist and fashionistas and trend setters can just suck my big fat hairy dick.

*I had also noticed this at BlogHer, but didn't read it, so many thanks to Lee!

A longer, slightly less obscene version (for example, I don't suggest anyone suck my big fat dick, but I do make a joke about dying alone with 27 cats since no man wants my unshaved snatch) of this post appears at BlogHer.