>Damn, was I in a bad mood for most of yesterday. It started when I didn't go to sleep at a normal time on Friday night although I was tired, leading to a case of full blown insomnia (bad thing #1). When I finally drifted off into much needed beauty rest, I woke up about an hour later seconds before blood began splurting out of my nose in geyser-like fashion (bad thing #2). I think it was under the impression that it was auditioning for Sweeney Todd. More awakeness and lots of blood pooling in my stomach ensued, and I ate a large amount of chocolate-toffee-powdered sugar covered macadamea nuts (bad thing #3) so that the blood would have some company. Not cool.

Anyway, I got together with Des in the evening and ate yummy seitan, so that was good. I felt more cheerful after that. Still, I'm having a "what am I doing with my life?" hang over. Some times I think I should stop going on awesome vacations because when I get back, I'm exceptionally miserable. Yes, this is ridiculous, but so am I.

The good news is that my nose didn't erupt again today and I had a nice evening of sleep. I'm still freaking out about all the shit that I need to do in the upcoming week and the fact that I also don't really have that much to do.

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