>Six or so years ago, when I was a gainfully employed do-gooder who was cynical and sarcastic, but not yet burdened with murderous impulses, I went to San Francisco for work. The HQ of the nonprofit for which I toiled (never in five years to be rewarded with a promotion while others around me who did less work and earned less got ever fancier titles and power, but I swear I am not bitter...) was located in the Bay area, which was one of the bestest things about the job. I was able to travel to San Francisco a few times a year! (The HQ of the nonprofit I previously worked for was in the middle of nowhere - Columbia, MD. So not fun, but I digress.)

Anyway, I was out in SF for work and needed something to read on the plane ride back, so I hopped into the Borders bookstore on Powell Street. For a mere $6, I scooped up a Sue Grafton crime novel, Q is for Quarry. Nevermind that I didn't read A-P, I figured that it would be a tasty little diversion that could stand alone. I devoured it on the plane, then stashed it on my bookshelf when I got home, where it remained untouched until this past Saturday.

On Saturday evening, Husband and I met Steph in New Jersey (half way between our domiciles) for a holiday gift exchange. Because I am ill-prepared for things lately, I neglected to purchase part of Steph's gift. She wanted some facocked book about the UNC-Chapel Hill basketball team, and shockingly I discovered on Sat. morning that no area bookstore carried it. (Can you believe that? Ha ha.) This left me to order it for her online, but I didn't just want to bring her a print out of the order, as that would be lame. No, inspiration hit.

Steph loves crime novels, so I thought she might enjoy Q is for Quarry while waiting for her basketball book. At the same time, I wanted her to know that I ordered the damn thing, so I printed a picture of the cover of the basketball book and stuck it on some blue construction paper, which I then made into a new book jacket for Q. I wrote a new blurb on the back, explaining what a great book it will be once it arrives.

When Steph opened the wrapping paper, she was excited. "Oh, you got the book I wanted..." she began, only top stop and stare at the fucked up cover. "What the hell is this?" Then I explained and she read the blurb and we laughed and laughed until I nearly had an asthma attack. Her real book should arrive sometime soon, but she will definitely enjoy they crime book in the meantime. My craftiness led to an excellent two-in-one gift, if I do say so myself.