>December 27 not only marks my birthday, but also that of French scientist Louis Pasteur (you know - he made milk safe to drink through pasteurization and also invented the cure for rabies) and my favorite wooden puppet named after feces. That's right, kids! My mom told me that "The Howdy Doody Show" debuted on Dec. 27, 1947. How cool is that?

Today Elizabeth and Al showed Husband and I around O'ahu's infamous North Shore. Unfortunately it rained all day and the waves were not too big, so there weren't too many surfers out. We did watch some hearty souls giving it their all and also ate amazing hamburgers and shaved ice. Elizabeth showed me where the kid sister attended school in Blue Crush, an awesomely cheesy fun chick surfing movie that I adore.

In other news, my foot is feeling a little better, but not great. (I'll post some pictures later.) I gave up hope that I'll be able to do much hiking on Diamondhead, so I am sad about that. As for my insect bites, I decided that they must be some sort of tape worm nests, as they seem to intensify in itchiness whenever I am hungry. The good news there is that I don't think any new welts developed today.

Tomorrow Husband booked us on some sort of flying machine that I think Leonardo da Vinci invented. Assuming that we don't fly too close to the sun and crash into the ocean, we will stop at the Dole Plantation afterwards. They boast the world's largest maze (100,000 square feet), although some place in Ireland recently topped them. Assuming my foot is OK and it is not pouring rain, we'll wander the pineapple hedgerow.