>I called my parents to say good-bye last night before Husband and I leave for our big trip to Hawaii. Here's an actual transcript (from my mind) of part of the conversation:

Mom: Have a great time in Hawaii! While you're picking pineapples, be careful...

Suzanne: That they don't fall on my head?

Mom: No, that they don't scratch your thighs!

Suzanne: What? What do you mean scratch my thighs?!? Pineapples grow in trees!

Mom: No, I think they grow on vines, like in a patch.

Suzanne: Um, pineapples definitely grow in trees. (Laughing hysterically.)

Husband: (overhearing part of the conversation) Everyone knows that children grow in patches!

Mom: That makes about as much sense as coconuts growing on trees. Those things are heavy!