>As I looked up the word gonfalon in "The World Book [Unabridged] Dictionary" circa 1987, my eye fell on the guide word at the top of page 908 - glory hole. I tried to not fall down laughing, as dropping the heavy book on my foot would be rather painful, and felt that I needed to share. According to this foolish dictionary, glory hole means:

1 (in certain sailing ships) a space aft between decks, used as a storeroom. 2 sleeping quarters on a ship, especially those of the stewards and stokers: sailors slept in the glory hole, a long open dormitory... (Atlantic) 3 an opening in a small furnace used to reheat glass when shaping it by hand. 4Dialect. a drawer, closet, or other place, where things are untidily dumped.

For those of you who wound up on CUSS expecting a different type of glory hole, I'm sorry to disappoint. For the rest of us, I hope that you are laughing as hard as I am now as I think about the sailors sleeping in the glory hole or what is untidily dumped in it.