>Husband was out at the 2007 edition of the annual Beer & Deer Tour (this involves going to bars around the city and playing the game Big Buck Hunter; t-shirts are sold to those who participate and prizes are awarded in various categories at the end of the event. I wish I was making this up, but alas, I am not.), so no humans were home when I came back from Chicago last night. Tycho the Rabbit greeted me by shoving his ass in my face when I went over to pet him. I went into the bedroom, and discovered that Husband replaced me* during my short trip to my parents' house:

I guess Theo-Suzanne is nicer to both Husband and Tycho. Theo probably also didn't eat the cinnamon roll he meant to bring home for Husband from Ann Sather restaurant, or a hot dog at the airport, or large quantities of holiday cookies, or chocolate that expired a year ago but still was luscious, or Halloween candy, so I guess he also has less gas than I do. I can't say I wouldn't prefer Theo to me under those conditions, either.

*Husband claims that they were playing dress up when I was gone, and Theo wanted to dress up like me in my pjs while Husband dressed up like a pirate. I still think he replaced me.