>For some people, the reason to go to sunny places is to get a tan and lay out on the beach. I hate sand and I try and stay out of the sun. Husband and I have a fun, active trip planned instead.

This is what I looked like before leaving for Hawaii, except more bundled up (maybe even with a scarf knitted by Ev!):

This is what I will look like upon my return from Hawaii:

This assessment of my current and future appearance is informed by previous travels to hot sunny places during cold and/or clammy months. While I do enjoy the sun, it plays wicked games with me. Seeing as I have enough problems with my health without throwing skin cancer into the mix, I always wear hats and sunscreen when I visit tropical paradises or baking developing countries. Thus I come back just as pasty as when I left, although I have as much fun in my own way as the sun worshippers.

More to come, live from Hawaii!

*It's actually been sunny here for the past two days, it's just a freezing cold sunshine.