>"I love you," the Demi Moore character said to the Patrick Swayze character in the film Ghost, which always makes me bawl my eyes out whenever I watch it, which it is why I should not do so while I am at the gym, even if it is on the TV right in front of whatever machine I am using.

"Ditto," the Patrick Swayze character would respond.

Ghost is the first thing that came to mind when I stepped into a bathroom in a diner that I stopped at with my parents last week on my way to O'Hare. I realize this sounds odd, but there was a giant pink tampon machine attached to the wall that dispensed "Ditto Tampons." If this is not enough to make you fall on the ground laughing, I will add that the pink machine also noted that there are inspirational messages printed in their boxes. For a mere 75 cents, not only can a menstruating woman protect her underwear from blood stains and receive inspirational messages, but help support breast cancer research. Yes, the machine claimed that a portion of their proceeds support this worthy cause.

Sadly, the photos I took on my dad's cell phone camera did not make it to my inbox when I tried to email them to myself. It was fun, however, standing in the women's room taking pictures of a ridiculous pink tampon machine. Ditto!