>While showering this afternoon, I stood for a few moments in the hot steam and reflected on my 2007. Damn, it was one hell of a year. From travel to getting a book deal to having awesome friends and family, I am pretty sure that I'll never be able to top it, although there is plenty to look forward to in 2008, like when the book actually comes out.

I've been a stress basket for the last few weeks, but now that my MFA applications are complete, I feel better. This past Friday, I pursued a lead for a potentially kick ass job for next year. (I'll know more about that tomorrow afternoon.) At 6 am on Wednesday, I'll be on a plane heading to the Aloha State. Yup, as of this moment, I am sitting pretty.

Even though there are a million little errands to run and ends to tidy up before I leave (including a marathon leg shaving session, since the gams have gotten furry over the past few months), for once, I am not riddled with anxiety. It's great.