>This morning, Husband and I headed over to the legendary farmers market at the base of Diamond Head crater. We saw Al and Elizabeth and her family, and I ate three of those donut-things-that-are-popular-in-New-Orleans-that-I-can't-spell with lilikoi sauce, which is some very yummy sweet-tart thing that I've been enjoying while here. (Husband had two little mushroom and mozzarella risotto cakes from the same booth.) Husband and I also enjoyed Ewa sweet corn on the cob with butter and garlic powder. Yeah, it is a pretty strange combination, but delicious. We then browsed around the market for a while, and I bought sweet potato mochi (a sweet gloopy rice ball thing), sugar free lilikoi jam, and honey soap.

Powered up from our nutritionally devoid breakfast, Husband and I headed for the hike up Diamond Head. The hike is 0.8 miles each way, climbs over 500 feet, and involves dirt and stone trails and over 170 steps where the climb is too steep for a trail. I was nervous, but determined to not miss out on the views. Despite my gimpy limping, wee made it up, soaked in the views, and were back at the parking lot in about 70 minutes. My foot hurt a little, but I am so glad that I made it. Although I got some blisters from walking on my toes more than usual, it also gives me hope that I can do another hike.

After Diamond Head, we hit the beach outside our hotel. It was the first time we've seen the sun in three days, which was perfect. The waves were very fun to jump. However, the water was a bit cold and my foot started getting numb, so we only lasted 30 minutes before heading back inside for a nap then lunch. Now Husband is watching the Giants-Pats game while I rest my sea-urchin-and-blister-encrusted feet.

Tomorrow: Pearl Harbor and hopefully a hike up another crater.