>At 12:30, I'll be sitting down to take the GRE. In preparation, I have learned words like peregrination, turgid, vituperative (a word I just saw in an actual newspaper article!), and occlude. I also refreshed my memory of how to calculate the area of a triangle (1/2 base x height) and some other cool math tricks that I may not have really learned in the first place. If glory hole also happens to appear on the exam, I'm totally set.

My goal is to get a 650 on the verbal and a 450 on the math. The good news is that even if I don't accomplish this, it won't matter because the writing program I am applying to does not care what the GRE score is. However, the university at large requires that everyone submit a score before they matriculate. I just don't want to completely embarrass myself, so we'll see what happens.

In other exciting news, a story about my blog friend Eddie of Chicken Fat appeared in the Marietta News. I've enjoyed Chicken Fat's liberal and hilarious observations about life for awhile now, and I am very glad that he's getting lots of recognition. He also just celebrated his 40th wedding anniversay! Yay Eddie!